Press Automation Robots


This system provides a complete automation on 2 or more consecutive loading and unloading operations in press lines

When compared to manual production, by this system, production capacity and productivity is 3 times faster due to high speed, and continuity.

Due to investment cost, it is highly recommended to adapt the existing press lines to robotic automation systems instead of building a new one.


Typical Press Line Requirements are;


Robots should be fast and in proper handling and reaching capacity.


Destacker Unit: Special referencing tables that prevents the metal sheets located at the top to stick on the other sheets while picking.

Centering Units; The equipment which centers the sheet which the robot picks through a vision or mechanical system.

Gripper; The tool, which is produced by aluminium or carbon alloy. This gripper is mounted on the ax.6 to grip and pick the part.

Electric & Automation & PLC,

Fence and Safety Equipment,





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