Water Jet Cutting Robots


This is one of the most popular applications for car ceiling and base upholstery. But water jet cutting can also be used on stainless steel, aluminum and glass cutting with abrasive sand addition to the systems. The system works with a gun which installed on the robot arm that can spray with 3.800 bar on the product to be cut.


Robotic water jet cutting has lower modification cost when compared to  classical molding modifications.


In a typical water jet station:


Robot should be appropriate for reaching to the required position and must have external driver.


Water jet Equipment: A special purpose water jet spraying gun that has capacity to provide 4.000 bar and more pressure through the tubing and special connection parts that will be mounted on ax.6 of the robot


Positioner; should be selected according to the location and handling capacity requirements.

Cyclone ; is kind of a fan unit, which is able to circulate the air in cutting area and locating the part to its place while separating the waste material

Fixture; is required for automatic and/or manul systems

Electric & Automation & PLC,

Station Cabin and Operator Safety Equipment,