Spot Welding Robots


AB Rotech has a wide range of customer profile in spot welding application both in Turkey and abroad.


The process starting with analyzing the part and/or parts that will be welded, results with the robotic spot welding cell that produces required high quality part within the targeted cycle time. In some cases, the part may be produced in a line that is built with more than one robotic welding station


After the commissioning is completed, AB Rotech will always be by her customer with 7/24h support of After Sales & Support department.

Usually, below mentioned equipment will be necessary for spot welding application:


Robot; should be within appropriate holding and reacgin capacity to be able to carry the spot welding gun and reach to the required welding points.


Spot Welding Equipment: Timer,  media panel for water and air flow and welding hose package where the cables for signals are located is required

Positioner / Table; should be selected according to the location and handling capacity requirements.

Spot Welding Gun: should be water cooled, servo or pneumatic, with AC  or DC  transformer, customized for robot

Tip Dresser Electrode dressing unit

Various welding sensors

Welding Fixure; automatic and/or manuel

Electric & Automation & PLC,

Station Cabin and Operator Safety Equipment,




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